Helping women understand and easily apply nutrition & wellness facts to keep their strength & independence as they grow older.

  • Stephanie Turkel, MS, RDN, CPT

  • Grace Rivers, RDN, CDCES

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Who We Are

We are two registered dietitian nutritionists who wrote a book and continue to write practical nutrition science-based blogs so that you know how food impacts you.

We use our 60 years combined experience along with research to keep you informed so that you can make your best nutrition decisions. 

Our Professional Involvement

In touch with ongoing science findings in our fields.


Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists

Grace stays current on diabetes education, teaches virtual classes, and volunteers as possible.

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Dallas Dietetic Alliance

Stephanie and Grace are members and Grace, a former president.

Bookcover Cooking for Health and Disease Prevention

Co-authoring with other professionals

Grace coauthored Chapter 4 on Cooking for Diabetes Prevention.

Know About the Foods You Eat

No worry about whether a food is good for you or not.

Feel Better

Learn about foods and how they impact you.

Know About foods in the Grocery Store

Blogs report on foods you see as you shop.

Distinguish Facts from Hype

Recognize too good to be true nutrition information.

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Science-based nutrition blogs 60 years combined experience

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