Our Story

Stephanie and Grace met while serving on a board for nutrition professionals. They worked on different committees together and became friends. Nutrition was a priority in their lives and they saw how solid healthy nutrition practices made a positive impact on their families and clients. 

Stephanie wanted women to know how much nutrition matters and what information they could trust. One day Stephanie reached out to Grace expressing her desire to share her knowledge with women by way of a book, and asked Grace to join her. 

Grace thought about her experience with clients and wanted to be able to reach more women and realized that Stephanie’s offer was the perfect opportunity. The writing expedition began. Soon, they developed this site to share nutrition blogs and formed Practical Dietitians, LLC while continuing to work on their book.

They found that many of thier clients, despite why they were referred by their doctor, approached them wanting to lose weight and improve their appearance. Many also complained of being tired.

No one should feel tired without a reason, despite their age. 

When they were able to help their clients focus, instead, on being stronger so they could have more energy, the clients found they could meet their healthcare goals and the tiredness disappeared. They began by having clients apply the basics of nutritional care and along the way, discovered that a lot of clients were underhydrated and lacked sufficient sleep.  

They worked with clients on small approaches they could take, one at a time. Once they saw they could make strides towards their care, they became more confident and sometimes chose to continue working on that same goal. Other clients decided they mastered one goal and chose to add to it.  

To support themselves, Stephanie continues to teach university level nutrition classes and Grace facilitates virtual diabetes classes for patients.

Our Editorial Process

This site provides experience and research based articles to be helpful for its readers. All blogs are written by Stephanie and Grace. Together they have a combined 60 years of experience.

We are two nutrition specialists, one who has practiced in the clinical field and the other in the academic area. We both have experience planning healthy meals and snacks for patients, so they could successfully manage various nutrition-related diseases. 

To maintain our status of holding the registered dietitian title, we must meet the standards of the Commission on Dietetic Registration, (CDR), the credentialing agency for registered dietitians. To do so, we must obtain at least 75 hours of continuing education every five years. 

To become dietitians, we both earned a bachelor’s degree that included a didactic program in dietetics, completed a dietetic internship, and passed a standardized examination. 

In addition, Stephanie holds a master’s degree in nutrition from Lamar University. She is also has a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine,(NASM).

Grace has a certification in diabetes care and education from the certification board for diabetes care and education specialists, CBDCE.

We use references from peer-reviewed research articles or credible websites for supporting data. Anything we learn from experience is clearly noted in our blogs.

All the content on this site is general information only. It should not be used as personal nutrition advice. You should always consult with your healthcare provider before making any diet or lifestyle changes. 

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