A woman’s nutrition resource for strong bones

    • Discover bone-friendly nutrients  
    • Prevent bone mineral loss with food 
    • Recognize what to look for on a food label 
    • Realize how menopause affects your bones 
    • Know the best fuel for bone-building exercises 
Assorted foods for strong bones
Grace Stephanie in garden

Who We Are

We are two registered dietitian nutritionists who wrote a book and continue to write practical nutrition science-based blogs on bone health so that you may know the best foods for the best bones.

We use our 60 years combined experience along with research to keep you informed so that you can make your best nutrition decisions. 

  • Stephanie Turkel, MS, RDN, CPT

  • Grace Rivers, RDN, CDCES

Our Professional Involvement

In touch with ongoing science findings in our fields.

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Dallas Dietetic Alliance

Stephanie and Grace are members and Grace, a former president.

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